COFFEE RESOURCES INC. is dedicated to providing several years of professional experience in the coffee trade and shipping business. We maintain  close relationships with various well established shipping lines, enabling our team to offer competitive rates, as well as secure and efficient service for all of our shipments. We will import, arrange customs clearance, and coordinate delivery to your plant or warehouse. We are in a position to offer Full Container Loads of coffee directly from the farm to your plant. Also, we may customize your order to fit your needs. We can combine micro lots, with conventional coffee, accommodating to your our customers requirements. We can offer you the flexibility of delivering  coffee periodically to your warehouse during an agreed period of time.  We can offer our customers the option of shipping our coffee in Grain Pro bags, or Super Liners in order to preserve the freshness of the coffee for longer periods of time. We store different qualities of coffee in warehouses in the East and West Coast of the U.S. to be released or delivered at our customer's request.

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