Quality control is key to sourcing and delivering fine coffee.

Throughout the years we have had the opportunity of working extensively with producers, mills, and exporters at origin. We have also worked with specialty importers and quality demanding roasters at consuming countries worldwide. This gives us ample experience in fully understanding the importance of quality control.

We travel to diverse origins to build up relationships of trust and get to know our suppliers. Our strong ties to different producers and exporters at origin, gives us confidence in the quality of their work. We visit them regularly to understand their processing methods and quality control systems. It is this trust that we can proudly pass along to our customers. We also try to visit our customers regularly, to fully comprehend their demands and quality standards. We want to make sure that our customers receive the best quality available from our actual deliveries.

We are visiting the farms during harvest, cupping all offerings, and selecting the best coffees for our customers. Once we agree on a specific quality between a producer and our customer, we make sure that the actual quality is shipped and delivered under the agreed standards. We look at every sale as a long term commitment. We will strive for quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our relationships with our suppliers and customers, are the most important assets of our company.