Frailes Tarrazu SHB EP

FRAILES is a small town in the Tarrazu region. This coffee is grown and processed in a single estate, owned by a traditional coffee growing family. The coffee belongs to the Caturra variety. It is grown at an altitude above 1550 meters (abt. 4,800-5,000 ft.), under shade trees such as Eucaliptus (Glupta variety) and Poro.

The selection of green and red cherries is done very meticulously by the producer. Only the ripe cherries are selected for the Frailes Tarrazu. The farm has its own nursery and seedlings for the promotion and development of their own varieties.

The farm has built a water treatment system (complying with governmental regulations). They have a sediment tank, and a lake for water treatment. All of the treated water goes back into the coffee plantation, and not polluting streams or rivers. The residual pulp is mixed with lime and used as a natural fertilizer. The parchment is sun dried, but evened out with a mechanical dryer. The dryer runs on coffee stalks and parchment skin.

The producer is granting education to over 100 children. Financial assistance for books, uniforms, and free tuition, are granted by the producer. With the assistance of a U.S. based foundation, the producer has built a church in the town. This church is not only used for catholic services, but also as a center for meetings. 

It is also important to point out that this farm used to belong to an ex-President of Costa Rica, Mr. Jose Sigueres. Under his presidency, the National Army of Costa Rica was abolished.

The cup offers a crisp acidity, a good balance, and a very pleasant fruity flavor.