Peru LA MERCED Organic

We have been working with  Bio Azul , a significant group of producers organized by Cafetalera Amazonica, for the past few years. The Bio Azul project, led by Cafetalera has granted technical assistance to producers since 2004; Specifically in improving farm management and adopting environmental standards and sustainable practices to obtain Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certifications.

The province of Chanchamayo is situated in the Junin Department. Being one of Peru's main traditional coffee growing areas, it provides some of the country's best coffee. The microclimatic conditions for coffee are ideal.. The altitude ranges from 1,100 to 1,600 meters above sea level. Most of the farms are less than 2 hectares, and the yields are among the lowest.. 10 bags/hectare..

The total planted and certified area  by this group composed of about 270 producers is around 1,400 hectares, yielding approximately 8,000 bags of high grade organic special coffee. The farms are planted with Typica, Pacas, and Caturra varieties. The coffee plants range from 1 to 10 years old. Most of the coffee is shade grown under native species of Roble, Cedar, Flamengo and some other native shade trees such as cacao, avocado, mango and citrus. (rustic Polyculture).

Passive fertilization from decomposition of shade tree leaves, and decomposed weeding is complemented by application of organic inputs. The plants are naturally fertilized by the usage of compost coming from coffee processing sub-products such as pulp, peel and solid wastes from the fermentation tanks.

Harvesting takes place from June through September and is performed on every farm by manually picking of the ripe cherries. The coffee is processed individually at each farm. The cherries are carefully separated by water flotation channels, leaving immature or unripe cherries behind. Cherries are depulped and then conducted to the rudimentary fermentation tanks. Once the process is completed, they are initially dried on a small cement patios, or raised ventilated platforms for drying the parchment under the sunlight rays. 

Cup Characteristics: Good balance in body, medium acidity, aroma and flavor.