Guatemala Genuine Antigua Bella Carmona

GENUINE ANTIGUA BELLA CARMONA comes from a series of single estates in the traditional area of Sacatepequez, Antigua. The valley is surrounded by three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. These mountains create the ideal microclimate, soil and conditions for growing superb coffee. The high heat of the day is neutralized by cool and dry evenings.

The coffee is produced mostly on the Hacienda Carmona and neighboring farms. The plantations are located in the southern slopes of Volcan de Agua, between 5,200 and 6,000 feet above sea level. The coffee is grown strictly under shade allowing the plants to receive an adequate amount of sunlight.. The average rainfall is between 1800mm to 2300mm. The coffee is grown by traditional methods. The Estate is planted in Bourbon, Sarchimor and Caturra varieties.

The coffee is produced by the ZELAYA family, who has been producing fine coffee for the past four generations. BELLA CARMONA is a trademark, who has received several awards throughout history. One of the earliest was earning first prize at the National Exposition of Guatemala in 1935. One of the Zelaya family’s most important commitment is maintaining the quality and tradition of their coffee. The Quality Control starts in the selection of the varieties planted. Special supervision is done on the wet and dry milling stages in order to guarantee that only the best is selected for export.

The ripe red cherries are carefully harvested, selected, and delivered to the washing station at BENEFICIO BELLA VISTA. Once the coffee has been depulped, fermented in tanks and washed, it is set on patios for sun drying. After this process is completed it is delivered to the family owned mill where it is carefully sorted, cupped and classified for export. All of this process is coordinated and supervised by fourth generation producer, Luis Pedro Zelaya.

The combination of these factors, volcanic soil, good balance between rainfall and sunlight, and traditional farming methods, provide this coffee with a rich and full bodied cup. It has a pronounced acidity and crisp flavor.