Guatemala Organic ADISQUE  GROUP (JAS/NOP) Certified

Our Guatemala JAS Certified Organic coffee is grown in the municipalities of Olopa, Camotan, Jocotan, Quezaltepeque in the province of Chiquimula. The region, being an extension of Sierra Las Minas and Monte Cristo mountain range, has excellent microclimatic conditions to grow SHB quality coffee. It has high altitude (1,450 masl), generous water resources and rich volcanic soil from neighboring Ipala volcano. The rainfall averages 3,300mm/yr. This special coffee is produced by a group of small producers ADISQUE (Asociación Desarrollo Integral Sostenible de Quezaltepeque) a coffee producing group which was founded 20 years ago by just a few members. Today this associative group has close to 350 associates throughout the region. The group has received their first organic NOP in 2005, and achieved their strict JAS Certification in 2013. The group is well organized, and under its management includes various programs involving Education, Agriculture, and Gender Equity projects specifically designed to be managed by women. All of the organic coffee produced by this group is wet processed and sun dried. The farms average about 1 hectare, and the coffee is produced under the shade of Cuje (family of Inga), Guaje, and Guachipilin trees. The varieties which predominate are Catuai, Pache, Catimor and some presence of Bourbon. Members of this specific group, process their coffee in neighboring farms, and then deliver the parchment in the town of Quezaltepeque where it is cupped and evaluated. The parchment is carefully milled and graded at Beneficio Agus Santa, a state of the art, well operated beneficio in the municipality of Barberena. Its cup offers a well balanced coffee, medium acidity, aromatic, with complexity, and honey , sugar cane notes.