Our Mexican HG Organic coffee is produced on a single estate named EL CHORRO. The name comes from the abundance of fresh water streams running through the farm. This estate is situated on the mountain range Sierra Madre Chiapas at an altitude of 1000 meters a.s.l. This farm is located near the TACANA Volcano neighboring the town of Vila Comaltitlan, in the area of Coconusco (Chiapas). The farm has been planted in coffee since the beginning of the 20th century by the a family of Spanish immigrants, the Longo family. Since then, coffee has been the most important agricultural activity for the area, and it has been grown in harmony with the rich biodiversity which exists in this region.

During 1955, due to government reforms, the farm’s extension was reduced to 295 hectares, expropriating to El Chorro part of its planted lands and distributing it among farmers. Since 1980 the coffee production of El Chorro can be considered organic. In 1999 the farm was purchased by the Schalit family, who had ample experience in coffee production in Mexico and that same year they obtained the OCIA organic certification.

This organic coffee, rich in history and taste, is grown under heavy shade. This farm is certified Shade grown since 2002. During the crop cycle 2003-04 the plantation was certified as Bird Friendly Coffee by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, due to the presence of more than one hundred bird varieties on the farm.

The coffee comes mostly from the Typica, Borbon and Catuai varieties. The cherries are harvested from November through March.The total area planted is around 250 hectares, and the total output is approximately 2,000 bags.

The red cherries are harvested and wet processed on the farm. The wet process which consists of depulping the cherries, and removing the mucilage on the beans through a washing process which is done on the day of harvest. Then the coffee is left overnight in fermentation tanks to complete the fermentation process. After this the coffee is washed, and the parchment is carefully set on the patios for sun-drying. All of this process takes place on the farm under the strict supervision of Mr. Sven Schalit. Mr. Schalit spends most of his time on the farm, located one hour and a half drive from Tapachula (Chiapas).

Once the parchment has reached the ideal moisture content between 11 and 11.50%, it will be bagged and trucked to the company’s own mill in Tapachula which is located about 60 kilometers away. The coffee is carefully stored in certified warehouses, still in parchment until it is sold. When the order takes place, the parchment is carefully milled, sorted and classified for export.