San Pablo Mexico Organic

San Pablo Organic coffee is rich in history and taste. This farm was founded by Mr. Juan Luttman back in the early 1920’s. He started planting coffee then, built the main house, wet processing plant and drying patios. Later in the 1960’s he sold the farm to the present owners, Mr. Carlos Alberto Audelo Holm. The Audelo family decided to certify the farm as organic. Since then they have been in charge of the farm, production and processing.

Most of the San Pablo coffee belongs to the Typica variety. It is grown at an altitude of 800 to 1,300 meters above sea level. It is shade grown under a canopy of diverse polyculture. The warm days and indirect sunlight, combined by the afternoon breeze provides this coffee a slow maturation of its cherries. The rich soil and special microclimate are crucial ingredients to its rich taste.

The San Pablo farm is located in a coffee region called El Bule, within the Pluma zone in the district of Pochutla, in the state of Oaxaca. The nearest town on the Pacific Coast is Santa Maria Huatulco. The farm has a total planted area of 298 hectares. The San Pablo farm produces approximately five lots of superb High Grown European Preparation coffee.

The harvest starts in November and ends in February. The coffee is wet-processed in the farm by using depulpers. Once depulped, the coffee goes into fermentation tanks for a period of 24 hours, washed, and then set to the patios for drying under the bright morning sun and afternoon pacific breeze. Once the parchment reaches its ideal moisture content, it is stored for rest in the farms cool warehouse, until it is ready to be milled for export.

Its cup characteristics, being an authentic HG Pluma may be described as : Rich bittersweet, good to fine acidity, floral rich aroma.