This special Mexican HG Organic coffee, is grown in specific microclimates on Mexico Sierra Madre Chiapas at altitudes between 1000 and 1200 meters a.s.l. The farms producing this fine coffee are located in Jaltenango/Custepeques. This town was founded in the late 1600 by Dominican monks. The area has been planted in coffee since the beginning of the 20th century. Coffee is the most important agricultural activity for these farmers, and ninety percent of the inhabitants of this area depend on coffee for their livelihood.

This organic coffee, rich in history and taste, is grown under heavy shade. These plantations have never been exposed to chemical products, since these are foreign to traditional agricultural practices. The coffee comes mostly from the Typica, Borbon and Caturra varieties. The cherries are harvested from November through March. The total area planted is around 400 hectares, and the total output is approximately 4,000 bags. The coffee is certified organic by OCIA and accredited by JAS.

The red cherries are harvested and wet processed on the same day in the farm. The wet process consists of depulping the cherries, and removing the mucilage of the beans through a washing process. This entails leaving the beans overnight in fermentation tanks. Once the mucilage is removed, and the coffee is washed, the parchment is carefully set on the patios for sun-drying. All of this takes place on the farm.

Once the beans have reached the ideal moisture content between 11 and 11.50%, they will be bagged and trucked to the company’s own mill in Tuxtla Gutierrez. The coffee is carefully stored in parchment until it is sold. When the order takes place, the parchment is milled, sorted and classified for export.