Velozo Cerrado Fazenda Catuai

FAZENDA CATUAI , is a 934 hectare farm belonging to the Veloso family, a traditional name in the Brazilian coffee culture for over 150 years. The farm is situated in the town of Nres Oligario, in The Cerrado Region. In this farm we can find small lots of Topazio, Acaia, Catuai both Amarello/Vermeillo, and even exclusive Bourbon Vermeillo! Today the third generation directly supervises the production, harvesting, and processing of their traditionally recognized coffees.


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FAZENDA CATUAI, being completely irrigated ( 55%  pivot irrigation and 45% drop irrigation) produces a fine selection of sun-dried cherries. This coffee is also available in a semi washed process, resulting  in a fruity and full bodied cup, with rich aroma and sweetness, ideal for espresso.

The coffee is carefully graded and classified in Carmo do Paranaiba, at the family's processing plant.