VELOSO Natural Dry is produced in Carmo do Paranaiba, a micro-region of Cerrado in Minas Gerais. This coffee is grown on a plateau with altitudes ranging from 1,050 to 1,200 meters above sea level, on gravelly soil. It is produced on FAZENDA BERRADOR (400 hectares), and FAZENDA NOVA SUIZA  (770 hectares) two adjacent single estate plantations belonging to the Veloso family, a fourth generation tradition in coffee. These farms are both UTZ  and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certified. 

The climate in this Cerrado region is defined by rainy summers and dry winters, offering ideal climatic conditions for fine coffee production.

Veloso Natural dry is a result of carefully selected sun dried beans, which produce a creamy full bodied cup with a sweet aroma, low acidity and sweet chocolate notes. The coffee is carefully sun dried on the farms patios, and then carefully milled and graded by the producer at the time of export.