VELOSO Semi-Washed coffee is produced in FAZENDA SANTA CECILIA, a single estate belonging to  Pedro Veloso and his family, a third generation coffee producer from Carmo do Paranaiba,  Cerrado region in Minas Gerais. The family has been producing coffee in this privileged area  for over 160 years.

The variety is Acaia/Catuai, and the coffee is grown at an altitude from 1,050 to 1,200 meters above sea level. The farm is 1,270 hectares and 70% is planted in coffee. The rest are protected forests and reservoirs. All of the coffee is irrigated, and fertilizers are delivered through the irrigation system. Mr. Pedro Veloso has been involved in coffee all of his life, and is truly dedicated to produce high quality coffee without sacrificing yields. He lives on the farm and spends his early mornings visiting the farms, supervising harvesting, processing and then later in the day he heads to the trading room in Carmo, where he is personally attending calls from overseas customers.

Veloso Santa Cecilia is a result of a carefully selected, sun-dried beans, which produce a soft fraganced, creamy full bodied cup. 
This coffee is ideal as a straight origin, and also for an espresso roast.
Preparation: Screen 18- 50%, Sc.17-30%, Sc. 16-10% and Sc.. 15-10%