Colombia condor Palmares Especial

Condor Palmares Especial coffee is produced by an associated group of producers  neighboring the municipality of Bajo Palmar, Cundinamarca, situated 60 km. South West of Bogota.  Arabica Typica, Caturra, and Castilla varieties are produced in this privileged microclimate at 1400-1800 meters above sea level. The coffee is sourced by Exportadora de Café Condor from aproximately 80 producers with plantations averaging not more than  four 4 hectares. The main harvest is from April to July, and the fly crop from November through December. The coffee is grown under the shade of native trees such as Carbonero, Guamo and Guayacan. This specific region is one of Colombia’s traditional historic production areas. According to historical records, the first seedlings were planted in 1883 by pioneer Nicolas Saenz in a farm named “Liberia”. The total harvest then, was forty bags which were carried on mules to the Magdalena river port of Honda, loaded onto barges headed for the port of Barranquilla, continuing their journey on a steamer headed to Le Havre, France.

For over one century this region has maintained the traditional plantations and processing techniques. Through the course of history and generations, the coffee farms have been subdivided into smaller lots. The region has been a scenario of different political conflicts during the past century. In most recent times, during the decade from 1994 to 2004 the region was mostly controlled by subversive groups, affecting coffee production. A great number of producers had to abandon their plantations seeking safety, moving to the main town of Viota.  A decade  ago, the army defeated the insurgent groups which had been in control of this area, bringing peace back to the region. Since then, the persistent coffee producers have returned to their coffee plantations, renovating coffee trees and applying their experience acquired through generations. All of the coffee is shade grown, depulped, washed and sun dried  at each individual farm. Today, proud producers like Ramiro Vargas, continue implementing the traditional farming techniques, and focusing on producing high quality coffee. With the assistance and strict quality control of Exportadora de Café Condor, and the support of our valued customers, we are able to source this coffee, guaranteeing a quality premium to this important group of organized and proud producers. From this beautiful region rich in history and taste, we are proud to present this superb cup tasting coffee, as one of Condor’s top selections from Colombia. With Condor’s tradition and over 25 years  of experience sourcing specialty coffee, we are able to search and find the top quality coffees from Colombia’s diverse regions. Due to our strong relationships with producers, our quality rewarding premiums and our high quality control standards, we feel very confident in shipping a quality coffee which will satisfy the most selective palates.