Condor Nariño Microlots

The NARIÑO coffee region is situated very close to the Equator Line (N1 16’ to N1 37’ and W77 09’ to W77 28’) allowing the coffee plantations to receive more perpendicular solar luminosity. This proximity to the Equator offers the opportunity for coffee to be planted as high as 2,100 meters. The average temperatures in this region vary from 18C to 24C during daytime (63F to 74F). The high attitude and mild temperature helps to slow down the maturation of the coffee cherries. This slow maturation process increases the sweetness of the coffee. The municipalities of Buesaco, Sandona, Samaniego, Consaca and Linares are all situated at altitudes ranging from 1,600 meters to 2,000 meters (5,200 to 6,500ft.) These small towns are located in the Northwest part of Nariño in the proximity of various volcanoes such as Galeras, Cumbal, Azufral, between the Central and Western Andean ranges. The soil is rich in volcanic ashes which gives the area a higher productivity due to a higher content of nutrients. All of the farms are family owned and averages less than 1 hectare. Each farmer does the wet processing and washing of its coffee in micromills. Most of the coffee is still sun-dried by the farmer on their small patios or marquesinas. A vast majority of this coffee is grown under shade. In this area, the best growing region is between 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level. The trees are planted on a density of 5,250 to 7,250 trees/hectare, which places them at an above average yields among the rest of the country. The majority of the coffee comes from the Caturra (70%) and Castillo (20%) varieties, however,  there is still a very good presence of the traditional varieties such as Typica (10%). Throughout the years the coffee from Nariño has received several recognitions from Cup of Excellence and other international contests which have placed the department as a top producer of high quality coffee.

Nariño’s  coffee cup characteristics tend to offer an increased acidity, medium body, with a good balance and character. Its smooth flavor is variable with a high presence of citric and sweet notes.

These microlots have been selected by Exportadora de Café Condor who is the  purveyor, processor and shipper. The selection process involves several cupping sessions, screenings, and visits to the farms during harvest periods. The coffee is purchased in parchment directly from the producers. It is allowed to rest for a period of one or two months to assure stability and then it is milled and graded a couple of weeks before it ships.

Condor, having an ample experience in sourcing the top quality coffees from Colombia, will pay a significant premium for cup quality, making sure it is received by the producer in recognition of their higher quality. Most of these producers understand the factors involved in growing, harvesting and processing, which has a great impact on the quality of coffee. 

Our areas of influence in Nariño: Buesaco, Chachagui, Consaca, Yacuanquer, La Florida, Samaniego, Sandona, Tambo, Tunja Grande.