Condor Los Idolos Especial

Condor Los Idolos , is grown in a very fertile region of Colombia at an altitude of 5,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level. This Central mountain range is situated at the south west part of Colombia, cutting through the south of Huila and Cauca departments. It is gifted with excellent conditions to produce fine coffee. This part of the Central coordillera offers high altitude, fresh water supply, rich volcanic soil, and well defined rainy and dry seasons.. The traditional farming methods are considered the only alternative to produce high quality coffee. The main harvest is from September through January, and a the fly crop is from March through July.

The microclimatic conditions of this area are privileged because of the rich volcanic soil, its generous spring water supply and its constant precipitation. Coffee is planted under the shade in small parcels. Producers of Condor Los Idolos Especial have preferred the traditional varieties of coffee plants. They are sacrificing the yields of higher production varieties, but are very proud of the cup characteristics and quality that their plants provide. The coffee is grown in small farms where Arabica Typica plants predominate. In addition to the special care farmers take in processing their coffee, they are drying this parchment under direct sunlight only. The coffee is purchased by Condor directly from the producers, and segregated into microlots.

Cup characteristics: Offers a medium to high acidity, a medium body and a citric flavor.