Finca Buena Vista

Natural Resources

Shade Trees: Guamo trees, citrus, coffee walnut

Wildlife: Kingfisher, bluejays, gorriones, rabbits, snakes, frogs

Water Resources: Aqueduct

Soil: Sandy

Living Barriers: Golgota, palmas, orange



Wet Coffee Processing: Traditional

Drying Method: Parabolic using the sun

Waste-water treatment System: Filter

Pulp Treatment: Composting using amendments

Buena Vista

Municipality: Palestina

Vereda: El Portal

Altitude: 1,644 msnm

Coordinates: 1.730055, -76.12569

Total Area: 15 Hectare

Coffee Area: 12.0 Hectare

Production Area: 10.0 hectare

Coffee production: 31,250 Kg dried Parchment Coffee

Conservation Area: 0 Hectare

Coffee Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Tabi, Colombia, Bourbon, Geisha

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Average Precipitation: 1,370mm

Average Temp: 19.0 C


Palestine township has two kinds of weather, cold and warm, and it is regarded as the factory of water and forest of Huila. Four years ago Mrs Luz Mila Mosquera felt in love with the climate of Palestine. Then she left San Agustin to manage the Bueba Vista Farm that she had inherited with her 9 siblings. Currently she lives with her daughter and granddaughter, who are the accomplices of the progress of the farm. She also has the support of Agustino who helps her with the farm's activities. Luz Mila is an enterprising, warlike, active and very brave woman to carry out the work on the Buena Vista coffee farm. 

Crop Management

Pest and Disease Control: Broca and Coffee Leaf Rust

Weeds Control: Herbicide and Mechanical

Fertilization: Chemical and Organic

Organic Matter Application: 26,000 Kg/Ha/Year