Finca San Isidro

Natural Resources

Shade Trees: Guamo trees, citrus, coffee walnut

Wildlife: Kingfisher, bluejays, gorriones, rabbits, snakes, frogs

Water Resources: Aqueduct

Soil: Sandy

Living Barriers: Golgota, palmas, orange



Wet Coffee Processing: Traditional

Drying Method: Parabolic using the sun

Waste-water treatment System: Filter

Pulp Treatment: Composting using amendments

San Isidro

Municipality: Palestina

Vereda: Libano

Altitude: 1,600 msnm

Coordinates: 1.741298, -76.1143

Total Area: 10 Hectare

Coffee Area: 8.0 Hectare

Production Area: 5.5 hectare

Coffee production: 25,000 Kg dried Parchment Coffee

Conservation Area: 0 Hectare

Coffee Varietals: Caturra, Castillo

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Average Precipitation: 1,370mm

Average Temp: 19.0 C


Alirio Aguilera was born here, in Palestina between mountains and coffee plants. His parents came from Santander to Huila 60 years ago looking for a better place to live. Their parents had six children but Alirio is the one that grows coffee. He learned to love coffee growing from his father. Alirio started his farm with two coffee hectares that he inherited. Little by little he was increasing the size of his farm. He has been married to Luvia Muñoz for 25 years. They are the parents of 3 children. thanks to his efforts, and of the support of his family, in 2012 his farm was the second from the competition that Monmouthheld with the help of Condor. In 2013 he won the cup of excellence competition.

Crop Management

Pest and Disease Control: Broca and Coffee Leaf Rust

Weeds Control: Herbicide and Mechanical

Fertilization: Chemical and Organic

Organic Matter Application: 26,000 Kg/Ha/Year